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3 Ways to Reduce Fraud this Holiday Season.

MagTek hardware and Magensa services combine to deliver the utmost in payment security
Use iDynamo 6 Secure Card Reader Authenticator for mPOS Secure your in-person transactions with iDynamo 6, secure card reader authenticator. With instant encryption, device authentication, and tokenization capabilities, iDynamo 6 reduces your risk of holiday fraud. iDynamo 6 reads magstripe cards, EMV chip cards (contact and contactless), and NFC enabled mobile wallets including Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple VAS, and Apple Pay. This mobile card reader delivers line-busting solutions that speed lines, meet your customers where they want to pay, and secure the payment ecosystem. Learn more about iDynamo 6. Click here >
Connect to Magensa Gateway Services Couple iDynamo 6 with Magensa Gateway Services for faster development, reduced PCI scope, enhanced customer experience, gift card and loyalty card processing, remote services, tokenization of card data for recurring payments, invoicing, and certified access to major processors through the Magensa Gateway. Magensa’s data protection, tokenization, encryption, and authentication services secure today’s traditional applications with tomorrow’s advanced security requirements. Software developers, ISVs, and systems integrators bring their applications to market faster and more securely using Magensa services, applications, and remote services. These secure services protect sensitive data at every point of the transaction, increase brand value, counter skimming, and limit fraud. Learn more about Magensa gateway solutions. Click here >
Add a Coordinated Payment Layer Using one vendor with value-added services and the ability to secure data, you save money by using only one vendor, one resource, and one point of interface. Creating a focused point of interface means there is also less maintenance, which leads to fewer compliance requirement updates and regulations. With proper planning, many users have gained significant reduction in scope of their PCI-DSS compliance audits and in some cases, saved more than 50 percent. The key to reducing the PCI-DSS footprint is to never have access to the clear-text card data. Learn more about Magensa transaction security. Click here >
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