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9 Experts Share Advice for New Payment Facilitators

Many software companies and online marketplaces have taken on the role of Payment Facilitators. Payment Facilitation, or PayFac, challenges the balance of power in the merchant services space. Becoming a PayFac is a process that can be demanding at times.

To help better understand Payment Facilitation, 9 fintech experts share their thoughts about the most common mistake every new payment facilitator should avoid.

Read the advice of these experts:

  1. Roy Bricker, Paragon Payments Solutions

  2. Yael Barak,

  3. Scott Tivey, Payometry

  4. Maria Brumberg, PaymentsOp

  5. Drew Petersen, Blytzpay

  6. Mark Bishopp, 3rd Party Payment Pros

  7. Joshua Silver, LaunchPath Group

  8. Jordan Steinberg, Stonehill Consulting Inc.

  9. John Jakobe, The Straw Group


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