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Close BIGGER Better Merchant Accounts!

In the past, merchants only needed to accept a transaction. Today, merchants need and want customized software that will help their business run better and more efficiently. Partner with Harbortouch and offer proprietary software for almost all business types. Take advantage of our new MICROS & Hotel Sales Programs! Through these MICROS 101 and Hotel 101 programs, Harbortouch will educate and empower you to sell integrated payments to some of the highest-volume merchants in the country, including large restaurants, restaurant groups and hotels. Additionally, you can bring on MICROS POS customers, a market that was traditionally only accessible to Oracle MICROS dealers. Best of all, this is a completely turnkey program — you just submit the deal and our new MICROS Center of Excellence will handle all the setup and support. With our new MICROS Center of Excellence, Shift4 can empower you to sign many of the highest volume restaurants and hotels in the country! Increase Your Residual Profit Margins! We recognize that merchants are turning to cash discount and surcharging programs to help offset the cost of credit card acceptance, and Shift4’s Advantage Program provides a compliant way to implement this type of pricing for your merchants. This can virtually eliminate the cost of credit card acceptance for your customers while resulting in much higher average residuals for you! With business owners now more cost conscious than ever, this is the perfect way to win new payments deals, especially against competitors who are rolling out non-compliant cash discount programs. SURCHARGE / CASH DISCOUNT SOLUTION UP TO 80% REVENUE SHARE 15X TERMINAL BONUSES, UP TO $5,000 POS BONUSES UP TO $5,000 $500 MERCHANT SIGNING BONUS $50,000 PARTNER SIGNING BONUS Contactless & Mobile Placements Contactless Payment Devices SkyTab® Mobile Devices QR Code Payments Online Ordering Solutions ...Plus So Much More!
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