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EDGE is Not Surcharging AND it's Better than Cash Discount!

The EDGE program by NAB is a true Dual Pricing Model that provides an excellent overall customer experience for your merchant. With EDGE, the merchant sees both the cash price and the credit/debit price at checkout, empowering them to offer their customers two ways to pay. Merchants LOVE it. And our partners are making HUGE commissions selling it! 100% compliant with Visa/MC, and legal in all 50 states, EDGE is the only cash discount alternative with a toggle on/toggle off feature, ensuring your merchant never loses a sale. Stop haggling over basis points, and eliminate attrition by reducing processing fees! But wait, there's more... The EDGE program is backed by the leading compensation plan in the industry:
  • $600 Activation Bonus PAID DAILY

  • 14X True Up: Earn 14 Times the monthly residual upfront

  • Fast Start Bonus to $20,000

  • Lifetime Residuals with NO VESTING required

  • Residuals paid on the 15th of the month

  • No Cost Placement of Smart Terminals and POS Systems

  • A full suite of a POS Systems (Micros, Salido, Hot Sauce, Mynt, and More)

  • Dedicated POS experts that help you select, demo, price, and close POS deals

  • Brand merchant apps, statements, portals and more in your name - No registration required

  • Top level customer service and agent support

  • Medical/Dental Plans

  • "High Risk" business types accepted

If you're ready to board more merchants with less headache and quadruple your residuals, contact us below!

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