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Hansel Launches User Drop-Off Management Platform in U.S. Market

Hansel empowers product-first companies to address user drop-offs and boost conversions

San Francisco, California—June 12, 2019—Hansel, a user drop-off management platform for consumer facing applications, announced its launch in the U.S. today, marking the company’s first expansion into an international market. Founded in India, Hansel already works with many of Southeast Asia’s leading companies across the e-commerce, financial services, travel and gaming industries. This launch brings Hansel’s powerful platform to the U.S., which is home to the most advanced product teams in the world.

Hansel helps product teams address user drop-offs in key product funnels and flows with no code. Hansel ingests historical and real-time customer data from leading analytics providers and other first party data sources into a central repository. Using a decision-tree interface, product managers leverage this data to form segments and alternate user flows in key product funnels, ultimately creating differentiated user paths to conversion.

Along these new flows, product managers can deploy templated or custom product interactions to nudge users to take the desired actions with no code, thereby avoiding drop-offs altogether. By removing the reliance on engineering to address user drop-offs, product teams can optimize for maximum user engagement and conversions without any delay or strain on internal resources.

Hansel’s existing clients include Paytm, also known as the “PayPal of India,” which has a valuation of $18 billion and a user volume of 230M per year; Tokopedia, an Indonesian e-commerce company with a valuation of $7B and 10M active users; MakeMyTrip, an Indian travel company valued at $3.8B and a user volume of 7M; and MPL, India’s biggest mobile gaming platform with a valuation of $150M and 25M users. Working with companies of this success and scale has more than prepared Hansel to deliver value to product-focused companies in the U.S.

“U.S. companies lead the world in their sophistication around understanding user behavior and the implications for the product experience,” said Varun Ramamurthy Dinakar, CEO of Hansel. “There are so many product-first companies like Netflix, Uber, Stitch Fix and ClassPass that have established the standard for hyper-engaging products and high user retention. Yet, even the most ambitious companies still suffer from a fundamental dependency on engineering, and it can take a long time to address user drop-offs. At Hansel, we see a huge opportunity to empower U.S. product teams to build and deploy their own solutions.”

Hansel was founded by Varun Ramamurthy, CEO, and Parminder Singh, CTO. Varun has years of Product Management experience working at companies including Zynga and Flipkart (now Walmart), where his work impacted millions of users and drove key user metrics and revenue. Parminder has over 10 years of experience building digital products for Flipkart and Rediff.com. The founders’ years of experience working on technology products gave them first-hand experience with the roadblocks product managers face in working with engineering and the importance of creating digital interactions that engage and delight customers.

Research shows that product managers are taking on more and more responsibility and that product management is becoming a more strategic role. However, a lack of engineering resources is a major factor holding them back. In a 2019 survey of 253 PM’s by AlphaUX, 83% of respondents cited engineering as their most important internal relationship, compared to marketing, design or research teams. More revealingly, 35% stated a lack of resources as their most significant challenge in 2018 and over 80% of respondents self-reported that they were not spending enough time on running product experiments. 23% of total respondents stated that their biggest wish in 2019 are for more development resources, while 32% wished for a clearer product roadmap/strategy.

“The product management function is in flux,” said Dinakar. “The responsibilities of product teams are growing, but there hasn’t been a requisite follow-up in the amount of resources product teams get. Over the past 10 years, marketing SaaS companies divorced the relationship between marketing and engineering. Hansel is one of the first platforms to do this for PMs. Our mission is to really help smooth over the responsibilities of the product team to ensure they can focus on building world-class products.”

As part of the U.S. launch, Hansel is actively expanding its teams in San Francisco and New York, both of which are hiring for sales and customer success and creative roles, respectively. To learn more, visit: https://hansel.io/

About Hansel Hansel is a user drop-off management platform for product managers. It helps product-first companies address user-drop offs and low conversions in key product flows and funnels by giving product teams a no-code interface to map and deploy meaningful product interactions at pivotal user moments. The company was founded in Bangalore, India and has offices in San Francisco and New York.

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