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Hi, we’re Fintech Nexus.

(formerly LendIt Fintech)

It’s nice to re-meet you!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been dropping some (not so subtle) hints that the next step in our brand evolution was coming. We’ve grown our team, our footprint, and our subject matter tremendously and it is time to step into a name and brand that reflects our mission


Fintech because this word has come to mean all the innovation that traditional financial services organizations are experiencing and aspiring to. Nexus because we create a link - a bridge - between traditional finance and the future of finance. It’s never been more important for financial professionals to be informed, build connections and take action. We’re proud to provide the platform for the entire financial services industry to do exactly that.


When you arrive on-site at NY Javits Center, you will be greeted with our new branding. Get ready to help us celebrate the first-ever event under our new name and logo.

See you soon!

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