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MYHSM Future Proofs RedBlu’s ATM Infrastructure Across Mexico

Payment Hardware Security Modules (HSM) experts transform the ATM infrastructure within the Walmart Group, as part of RedBlu’s 2021 growth plans

London, UK. 02 March 2021: MYHSM, the global provider of Payment Hardware Security Modules (HSM) as a Service today announces the results of its partnership with one of Mexico’s leading ATM service providers, RedBlu.

Launched in 2017, RedBlu, part of the Walmart Group, hosts over 300 ATMs across Mexico and is also a partner of one of the top 10 banks in Mexico, CIBanco. Unlike any other ATM provider, RedBlu offers a personalised experience allowing customers to select their preferred banknotes with an easy to use, clean and modern interface. In addition, RedBlu can store customers’ most popular withdrawal activity, enabling it to deliver a highly convenient and efficient service.

Since 2018, MYHSM serves the financial industry with a secure, versatile, and scalable hosted payment solution, by providing global access to a suite of fully managed, PCI PIN compliant Payment HSM services.

With ambitious growth plans on the horizon for 2021, RedBlu has partnered with MYHSM to scale its HSM capabilities from a single payShield 9000 in a local data centre to MYHSM’s Shared Live Service. Utilising MYHSM’s scalable and cost-effective service, RedBlu now maintains service availability of 99.999% with active-active operations using HSMs located in multiple world-class data centres.

In just under two months, MYHSM has transitioned RedBlu from 1 redundant HSM to accessing three fully licensed payShield 10K’s in two geographically separate data centres for a fraction of the price of an on-premise Payment HSM estate. MYHSM has reduced the infrastructure and operational pressures for RedBlu, and maintains high SLA’s which has enhanced service availability, performance and scalability to facilitate future growth. All of this has enabled RedBlu to deploy 46 new ATMs in the first 8 months of using the MYHSM Live Service.

John Cragg, CEO of MYHSM, said: “We’re delighted to support RedBlu in an incredibly exciting time of its growth journey within the Walmart group, by enabling it to achieve its goals across Mexico with a fully modernised payment infrastructure. By migrating to MYHSM’s fully managed service, RedBlu has eliminated all data centre costs and significantly reduced operational costs including staffing, vendor support contracts and the costs associated with replacing end of life HSMs.”

Carlos Torres, RedBlu’s Technical Leader, commented: “I have nothing but praise for the MYHSM service. Once we put all the pieces together in our solution, with the help of the MYHSM team, the migration was a breeze, and the key exchange procedure was a perfect example of a well-defined, secure, fast and reliable process. We can now invest our time and resources on developing new products and functionalities using the broad variety of commands provided by MYHSM.”

For the full case study highlighting the details of this partnership, please visit


MYHSM, is part of Utimaco’s IT security solutions and offers Payment Hardware Security Modules (HSM) as a Service, delivering a secure, versatile, and scalable hosted payment solution in the cloud. MYHSM’s suite of fully managed, PCI PIN certified services alleviates the need for investment in hardware, secure facilities, management, and ongoing PCI compliance, audit and support. To find out more about MYHSM, visit:

About RedBlu

Launched in Mexico in 2017, RedBlu, part of the Walmart Group, is an ATM service provider hosting over 300 ATMs and is also a partner of CIBanco, one of the top 10 banks in Mexico.

Customers of the bank can use the ATMs free of charge, and all other bank account cards and social programmes are also accepted for a very competitive commission fee. Today, RedBlu’s ATMs accept over 90,000 different debit cards in Mexico.

To find out more about RedBlu, visit:

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