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NACS Age Verification Software

Advances in technology, the rapid embrace of online delivery and alternative pickup of products and consumer adoption of mobile communications have set the stage for the development of a nationwide standard for age-verification by major retailers who sell age-restricted products.

On May 18, 2020, NACS announced that it is leading efforts to revolutionize age-verification at retail, with a prototype of a revolutionary age-verification program ready for tests later this summer. The new age-verification program is a free, turnkey, next-generation solution for retailers that will verify a user’s age while also protecting personal information and delivering a frictionless experience. It also offers retailers and their supplier partners a way to pool costs and resources that are currently allocated to independent projects.

You’ll Learn About:

  • A review of the business objectives

  • How the program will standardize the age-verification process at the point of sale (ID validation, age calculation, procedures for non-supported IDs, ability to anonymize verification to protect personal information and consumer privacy.

  • How this free verification solution for retailers aims to remove significant barriers to adoption

  • NACS’ commitment to responsible retailing and the program’s ability to address an important societal issue: preventing age-restricted product sales to minors

  • Technical design and release

  • Product enhancement plans

Participating retailers will be able to ask questions and provide during the interactive webinar, making it easy to provide insights to initiative team managers.

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