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New TrueName® “.live” Registrations Skyrocket

Trending Live Streamers and Online Influencers Leverage Top-Level Descriptive Domains as the “Secret Weapon” in Branding and SEO Success

BELLEVUE, WA – October 26, 2021 – TrueName by Donuts Inc., a global leader in descriptive domains, announced that hundreds of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs are now choosing .live as their top-level domain (TLD). The descriptive TLD .live enables live streamers, gamers, online influencers, and others who engage their audiences in real-time to build their brands and quickly communicate who they are and what they do.

Today, more companies are moving toward industry-specific, short and memorable descriptive domain extensions, such as .live. The number of registered .live domains has increased by nearly 30% since January 2021 (source:ntldstats). These descriptive domains allow companies to use “both sides of the dot” to communicate core expertise and positively impact SEO.

Amna Suleiman, digital marketing specialist at OneStream wanted two words for the company’s domain. “Research showed that “onestream” and “live” were high-volume search keywords for live streaming, so we chose, which gave us the best possible SEO results,” she said.

Similarly, Shawn “Doc Rock” Boyd, community manager for live streaming platform Ecamm, chose for his descriptive domain. “When you have a long and convoluted domain name, it makes life difficult,” he says. “If people are searching for livestreaming, and you show up in the search with a short and memorable domain name like, you have a higher likelihood that people will know what you do and click on it.”

He adds that another benefit of having a .live domain that matches his online is the ability to create branded short links that take people anywhere you want, like,, and “You will get thousands of brand impressions every time anyone sees your domain name.”

Jim Fuhs, cohost of the livestream Dealcasters, an Amazon influencer brand, adds that .live has enabled stronger SEO. “We pretty much own page one on Google search. Our show link,, is the first .live listing. It makes it easy for us to brand and to give people an easy way to find us,” Fuhs says.

Rudy Ellis, chief executive officer of Switchboard Live, an online streaming platform, explains that when his company rebranded from JoyCaster, his team decided their domain name needed to communicate the live streaming and content space clearly. “Our domain changed to, which definitely gave us an advantage. First of all, we know it works for SEO. We get a lot of inbound traffic, and most is organic. Second, it's a branding play. Our .live domain name is exactly what we help our customers do, which is to go live,” he says.

“These narratives are typical among .live domain registrants,” said Mina Neuberg, CMO, TrueName. “The .live descriptive domain is giving influencers and live streamers the ability to communicate their brand stories quickly and clearly and helps anchor their SEO strategies. We applaud their ingenuity in using their domain names to contribute to their success.”

Information on registering a .live domain or other descriptive domains that help businesses build their brands is available wherever domains are sold.

About TrueName

TrueName® is the global leader in descriptive domains, offering a diverse portfolio with over 245 top-level domains, such as .live, .email, .guru, .social, and .restaurant. TrueName empowers customers to cost-effectively create a personal branding tool to better market their digital identity with more memorable domain names that boost search engine rankings. What’s more customers can be confident their domain names are extra secure from the rising number of hacking and phishing attacks with the protection of TrueName’s advanced, built-in anti-phishing technology. TrueName is a global brand owned by Donuts Inc., which ranked on Inc.’s 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing U.S private companies in 2021. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, with international offices across four continents. For more information, please visit

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