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Pay For Your COVID-19 Test in Bitcoin – Founder of Rapid Test NYC Avail to Discuss Overall Testing P

Clip of Mark Goldberg, CEO of Rapid Test NYC on Good Day New York

Mark Golberg, the CEO and owner of NYC Rapid Test (see New York Post article about him), is available to speak about COVID-19 testing and how his new centers are allowing patients to pay in bitcoin cryptocurrency.

“Not all tests are the same. That’s why it’s important to know the statistics and accuracy when you spend money or wait in line to determine whether you have COVID-19 or not. For example, the BD test found in many CityMDs is not necessarily the most reliable. The Cue Health rapid test on the other hand, which can deliver highly sensitive and specific results in about 20 minutes, is over 90% accurate and significantly better than the BD test,” says Goldberg.

Mark can also discuss overall testing patterns he is seeing at this time and how companies are currently testing their employees to continue to conduct work in person safely. Mark also works with many celebrity clients and social media influencers (David Grutman, Melissa Wood Health, Danielle Bernstein) to get the message out that people should continue to get tested.

Golberg’s talking points:

  • “We believe that testing will only ramp up further especially over the President’s Day holiday and up until Passover and Easter. People are still not yet getting vaccinated so they will continue to test before they see their families.”

  • “Even if people are vaccinated, we also expect them to still test before they head back to their multigenerational homes just to be safe. That is a current trend we are already seeing.”

  • “The demand right now is particularly high now that the holidays are over and cases are spiking. There seems to be an increase in cases recently in schools throughout the Tri-State area as well.”

  • “We do testing for big photo shoot productions, usually in Brooklyn. We test all their crew, all their models working without masks. Every single day I have a shoot I test at.”

  • “We average 120 people getting tests a day at our NoHo location. It’s very rare I’ve met someone who was very surprised they tested positive for Covid. They would be right in the beginning stages and have known they were exposed, or had symptoms. They thought they might have it, and they do.

Unlike other COVID centers, Rapid Test offers same day PCR tests, which are the most accurate COVID tests, allowing individuals to feel safe when seeing their loved ones. Rapid Test NYC also offers concierge services so that you do not even have to leave your home to take a COVID test. Currently, the Rapid Test NYC center is on 232 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012. They also recently opened up a new location a week ago on the Upper East side on 150 East 72nd.

If you would like to speak with Mark about his testing centers contact to discuss.

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