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Synchrony, Sycle Expand Reach to Hearing Industry

Synchrony’s partnership with Sycle, disclosed Oct. 13, 2022, is being hailed as the latest

example of Synchrony’s “one-to-many” distribution strategy, following recent partnerships with

Fiserv’s Clover and Epic Systems, as the global finance leader expands reach across hundreds of

thousands of retailers, offices, and hospitals. In addition to providing a growth opportunity,

these partnerships allow Synchrony to reach more consumers with products while helping to

ensure providers can meet the demands of today’s changing consumer behaviors.

Greg Pierce, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Specialty, Synchrony, pointed out that

Synchrony has always focused on meeting the needs of its partners and their customers.

“Technology partnerships with leading organizations like Sycle are key to help providers ensure

they can meet the demands of today's changing consumer behaviors, Pierce said. “With this

offering, patients can get the right financing solution for them and obtain the hearing

technology they want and need to live connected lives.”

Joel Lockwood, President of Sycle, thanked Synchrony for the opportunity, stating a greater

number of patients will be able to access hearing solutions without compromising care. In

addition, he noted the integration will add to the overall value that Sycle practice management

platforms provide to hearing care professionals, “saving them more time and enabling them to

become more efficient so they can focus on delivering high quality care.”

Transforming audiology

Pierce and Lockwood noted the Synchrony and Sycle partnership will enable hearing industry

providers to tailor finance programs directly within Sycle’s practice management platform.

Combined capabilities will enable audiology providers to deploy a comprehensive set of

financing options, they added, from installment loan solutions to installment loans, facilitated

by CareCredit and Allegro Credit lending solutions.

Additionally, Synchrony and Sycle’s combined capabilities will automatically transfer patient

information during the Allegro Credit application process to create seamless onboarding for

both patient and provider, the partners explained. The accelerated process will enable

providers and medical clinic staff to complete several fields of information, click “submit,” and

receive credit decisions within seconds.

The Synchrony integration will also simplify patient authentication within the Sycle practice

management software by authenticating preapproved patients ahead of their scheduled

appointments, the companies stated, which enables providers to address potential cost

concerns before meeting with patients.

Seamless approval process

Sycle representatives additionally noted that Allegro Credit is widely known for service

excellence and innovation, and the Allegro Credit integration is available in both the private

practice and professional Sycle platforms. For additional information about Allegro Credit, or to

see a free demo of the new integration features on the platform, call or email Sycle

representatives at 888-881-7925 or

If you are interested in learning about how Allegro Credit can benefit your patients or practice,

or to enroll, call (800) 859-9975 and Press 6, Press 2, or visit

Synchrony connects partners and consumers through a dynamic financial ecosystem, providing

a diverse set of financing solutions and innovative digital capabilities, designed to address

specific needs and deliver seamless, omnichannel experiences. For more information on the

company’s extensive line of financing products and services, visit and

follow the company on Twitter: @Synchrony.

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