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Top 6 Future ASO Trends That Will Make You More Visible

More than a million new apps have been released the past year and this makes the odds of simply stumbling into an app by coincidence nearly zero. The market is continuously evolving towards a point where developers will not be able to stay relevant without the use of analytics.

There are many apps and developers today that might feel like their products are not getting the recognition that they deserve. However, it is important to be aware of the fact that the marketing of an app in any given stage of presentation to the customer goes hand in hand with the actual features of an app. These are both obligations that companies need to fulfill for their customers.

As more apps join the race, it becomes increasingly important to follow ASO trends in order to stay relevant. Here are some of those trends that you can expect from the first year of the new decade!

1. Increasing Relevance of Customer Reviews and Feedback

With the growing popularity of social media channels as well as means of rating and reviewing products, customers have more ways of voicing their discontent. Meanwhile, the increasing number of apps mean more competition.

If you are not responding to the demands and opinions of customers, chances are that someone else will. So, why not use this?

Even though there are many fake reviews through black hat ASO which makes it statistically less important to completely prioritize customer feedback, real users very much appreciate their voices being heard. Interacting with the review section is product development and app store optimization all in one go.

2. Better Optimized Usage of Data

The misuse of data translates into higher costs which can potentially be detrimental to developers and their capabilities to deal with competition. So, it is important to use the right ASO tools and strategies in order to maintain sustainability and elevate products. The right ASO strategies will make sure that companies evaluate relevant information and data and interpret it correctly.

As more and more developers understand the role and significance of ASO in 2020, the process, sustainability and procedures used in ASO will play an elevated role in the success of apps. Consequently, app-specific ASO strategies will overshadow simple awareness regarding ASO.

3. Increasing Role of Page Conversion

If you have users looking at your app page, you are on your way to successful ASO. However, if too many people are leaving your page without downloading your app, which would mean that you don’t have a good conversion rate, then you are taking steps back.

Even though the existence of less than perfect conversion rate is an organic part of the process, as the market grows and competition increases, you want to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to have page visitors download your app. Your logo, description, and screenshots all contribute to your conversion rate and good ASO means that you have optimized your page to convert as many users as you can.

4. Importance of Using Tools in Order to Maintain Successful ASO

With great amounts of data, comes great amounts of statistics, which you can only acquire through the right digital tools. In order to track the effects that certain changes or strategies will have on ASO; you need to be prepared. In the upcoming year, successful ASO will be possible through determining which tools need to be used to track information that is relevant and specific to your app.

5. Awareness of Bugs and Being Ready to React

Bugs and glitches are not exclusive to apps in the early development stage. It can happen to the best of us. In summer 2019, the App Store experienced a subtitle bug that caused controversial problems in the download numbers of apps.

During this inconvenience, developers and marketers that reacted fast were able to fix their problems and regain their download numbers. So, in terms of ASO, developers that maintain awareness on such issues will always be a step ahead of those who don’t in the upcoming years. Keeping the right sources and tools for such occasions is key to be successful in this regard.

6. Keeping Track of Changes in Search Algorithms on the App Store and Google Play

As the market grows, along with the increase in users and number of apps released, the stores are also changing and developing. Some of the trends that are of particular concern to developers are the changes made to search, by both Apple and Google.

Stores are now trying to develop into a position where users are offered the apps that they could be interested in through browsing, instead of searching for themselves. These, and other processes of change such as developments in indexing and ranking, may prove greatly beneficial to apps that are able to effectively adapt their ASO strategies accordingly.

Furthermore, the new year is expected to bring progress in dealing with certain black hat techniques for stores and the way this war for preventing hacks swings will be an important reactionary test for companies throughout the coming years. So, marketers should be ready to adjust based on these developments that might open up new opportunities.

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