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Verizon analyzes and reflects on eCommerce for retailers this holiday season

For the sixth year throughout the holiday season, Verizon tracked eCommerce and reported their findings. They found that consistency marked the 2019-2020 holiday season, with data showing an increased flow of traffic without heavy spikes in peak times. 

The insights from this year can be found in the 2019 Holiday Retail Index (HRI) by Verizon.

Throughout the season, Michele Dupré, Verizon’s leader for retail, hospitality and distribution, offered her insights based on the index. She compared eCommerce traffic data from before the holiday season (November 1-27, 2019) to post New Years (January 2-5, 2020) and found that there was a 6% average increase. 

“Post New Year’s Day, we saw a return to normalcy as eCommerce traffic slowed to pre-holiday levels. For January 2-5 eCommerce traffic showed an average increase of 6%, following solid post-holiday engagement and double digit increases daily from December 26-31, Dupré said. “For the season, consistency is the key word. Retailers started with Black Friday promotions as early as November 1, looking to balance the shortened shopping season. While eCommerce traffic didn’t show heavy spikes during key moments, there was consistent traffic and engagement from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.”

Following a 9.3% decrease, the holiday season began climbing in eCommerce engagement during the “Black Friday” weekend. Due to the early start of Black Friday promotions, consumers do not rush to buy on ‘Black Friday,” or even “Cyber Monday,” as one may think. Instead, the traffic flowed in consistently and increased between 13% and 19% from the rest of November, according to Dupré.

When Christmas came around, eCommerce traffic continued to increase into the double-digits, especially the last full weekend before Christmas. Employers drew in customers with incentives for faster shipping to arrive by Christmas Eve. 

All in all, the holiday season for eCommerce retailers meant a steady increase in engagement. The holiday shopping madness mellowed out this year with shoppers consistently engaging throughout the holiday season.

Written by Madison Arnold

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