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Will A.I. Replace Car Designers?

First YouTube Episode of Frank Stephenson’s New Mobility Series Launched

  • All-new YouTube video dedicated to explore Artificial Intelligence in design is launched on Frank Stephenson’s channel

  • In this episode Frank explores the impact of the landmark technology in car design and also how it can help shape the future of mobility

  • Videos across 2023 will see Frank explore the opportunities and pitfalls of such technology as he explores the future of mobility design

  • The full first episode is available to watch here:

  • For more details and information about Frank Stephenson Design, visit:

London, UK. Tuesday 14 February 2023 – World-renowned designer, Frank Stephenson has launched an exciting new video on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on his popular YouTube channel.

The video released this week explores the impact of text-to-image and AI on the world of car design. Drawing from Frank’s own personal experience as a designer, it looks at both the benefits and drawbacks of evolving technologies, in addition to detailing his first passions for design, how he first started and how that has dramatically developed today.

Speaking to a wide range of issues on both human and design fronts, from employment to the homogeneity of car design, the video draws an intelligent, educated, image of what the future of design could have in store. The verdict is clear, the automotive industry is constantly evolving and improving, but the future of car design is in the midst of a revolutionary shake-up, because of AI technology.

It is the first in a series of videos set to be launched throughout 2023 that will see Stephenson research new, bold technologies that will help shape the future of design and mobility design.

Frank Stephenson, Founder of Frank Stephenson Design, said: “We are living in a world that is guided by technology, and AI will have a wide-reaching and lasting impact on a wide range of sectors, including car design. There are exciting and hugely interesting times ahead but these types of technological advances will inevitably come with risks.

“I love exploring and analysing opportunities and pitfalls of new technology, especially in the design industry. AI technology is very avant-garde right now and this just seems like the perfect moment to be delving into and discussing this subject and I can’t wait to cover more subjects on how the future of mobility and design is evolving over the course of this year.”

He is well regarded for his talks and thoughts on design philosophy, sharing with viewers his wisdom concerning curiosity and the creative pursuit gained from almost 40 years as a designer.

The Frank Stephenson Design house philosophy emphasises a focus on rising innovations through blending art, science and the latest in technology, whilst taking care of the environment around us, to apply expertise encompassing the future of mobility that will positively impact society.

YouTube has become a paramount medium for Frank Stephenson Design to share its work with the world and wider community. Launched in April 2020 amassing over 215,000 subscribers to date, Frank’s channel provides exclusive content that dives into the intriguing world of his creativity.

For more information on Frank Stephenson Design, visit:

The full YouTube video is available to watch here:

Images available here:


About Frank Stephenson Design

Frank Stephenson Design is a leading design studio, with world class talent, based in London, UK. We apply design expertise across a broad industry remit, from shaping the future of mobility, to innovative new products that will positively impact society.

Founded in 2018, Frank Stephenson Design represents the culmination of the talent and skills of one of the most renowned designers today and seeks to create a lasting, strong and positive impact through added design value for all its clients.

In an increasingly digital world, YouTube has become one of the most important mediums to share work and in April 2020, Frank Stephenson launched his official YouTube channel amassing over 215,000 subscribers to date and over 125,000 followers on the Chinese social media platform Bilibili.

In 2023, a Frank Stephenson Design product, babyark, won the Innovation Award at the global Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA.

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